where the ability to turn an idea into a new product or service has never been easier. But. In this hyper-connected world, it's the need to have more than good ideas. Success today is defined by the ability to turn ideas into value faster than your competition.

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From open banking and BaaS (Bank as a Service), online banking and neobanking, retail and mobile banking TECHNOLOGY have its hand in every aspect of the banking or the fintech industry. The influence of technology will foster digital transformation further.

Activity Based Costing Tool implementation for a leading bank

To excel in customer experience while building profitable customer relationships, become data and knowledge driven, deliver high quality ROE through precise pricing and profitability among other factors.


In a world of constant change, governments will need to be more intuitive, more transparent and more flexible, to sense and respond to new technology opportunities, social challenges, and citizen needs as they emerge. 

Paperless Ministery of Education, Science and Sport of Republic of Lithuania

Digital interaction between government and employees to foster transparency, accountability and boost productivity in legislation processes. 


New technologies such as 5G,  4G/LTE, Cloud, Social Networking, Smart Devices, and ever-growing demand for Data transfer everywhere we go has changed the way we share and consume information.


Telecom & Media companies understand that high Service Quality and Superb Customer Experience in this fast-changing environment is key to success.

Mobile and Fixed subscribers migration to common IMS platform

With this significant and large scale project, Telia was first in Lithuania to use the VoLTE technology, increase its market share and serve its customers with new generation services in a fast, flexible and convenient way.