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JSC Addendum Solutions is currently executing the project JSC Addendum Solutions investments in online commerce implementation", No. 13.1.1-LVPA-K-860-01-0270, financed from the funds of the European Regional Development Fund, as a measure of the European Union's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and from the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania (project budget is EUR 66,652.48, allocated funding is EUR 49,989.36). The duration of the project shall run from 15 February 2022 to 15 February 2023.

JSC Addendum Solutions is an IT company that provides system analysis, design, programming, and testing services. 

In order to increase the company's competitiveness and revenues, it is planned to implement this online commerce implementation project, during which the opportunity shall be created for customers to independently order and manage services by connecting to the customer self-service website. The objective of the project is to increase the company's competitiveness and at the same time, the sales revenue by using online commerce solutions. 

It is planned that after the implementation of the online commerce solution, conditions shall be created to provide services more efficiently and conveniently to the customer, which shall increase sales volumes and revenue.


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