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ABOUT CUSTOMER: Telia Company is a Swedish-Finnish multinational telephone company and mobile network operator present in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway. Telia Company is the fifth largest telecom operator in Europe today and continues building on its pioneering spirit and high technology expertise within both fixed and mobile communications inherited from its predecessors.



THE MAIN BUSINESS OBJECTIVES. Telia Lithuania has been seeking a partnership not only on the execution level, but also on the level of enablement, and continuous development. The main business objectives in this partnership harbored in:


  • To stay relevant and ensure better customer experience for consumers and enterprise users, increase revenue, reduce churn and attract new customers.

  • Secure market share with new generation services.

  • Revenue Assurance. Revenue leakage is typically attributed to when a telco organization is unable to bill correctly for a given service or to receive the correct payment. 

  • Compliance with local and EU regulations. 


The dedicated self-managed team owned E2E processes:

  • Solution Designer/ Architect;

  • Team Lead / SCRUM Master;

  • System Analyst;

  • Developers;

  • Test Manager;

  • QA specialists.



ADDENDUM provided expertise in the following areas:

  • Business needs and processes analysis, impact analysis. 

  • Business and Technical (functional and non-functional) requirements.

  • High-Level Architecture and Solution Design.

  • Development.

  • Test Strategy Preparation: Testing Plan, Testing Strategy, Test Case. 

  • Quality Assurance.

  • Operational and Maintenance Support.


​For more than 10 years, ADDENDUM has been responsible for providing technical advisory, delivering and developing projects in different domains of Business Process Framework:


  • Customer domain: Order Entry System; Customer Order Management System; Billing system, Charging, Mediation. Billing domain realized based on using Gembase/DML Development on OpenVMS.

  • Service domain: Service Order Management system, Service Assurance. Addendum implemented and maintained Service Ordering and Orchestration processes for 2 mln subscribers. 

  • Resource domain: Resource Activation, Network activation, Resource inventory management, Mobile Number Portability.

  • Partner / Supplier domain: Settlement Management system, Interconnect Billing.

  • Integration domain: Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Management & Workflow, API Management. Addendum provided full maintenance for Integration Domain. We supported up to 50 services, up to 30 (ESB) integration’s applications by using these technologies: 

    • ESB integrations using Apache ServiceMix, Integrations using Microsoft Application Server (COM+, IIS). IVR - COM+ Applications for Subscriber Data Management.

    • Microservices: Integrations using GlassFish, Tomcat application server (Java).

    • API Gateway: APIGEE.



Billing System adaptation for Currency Change (Euro introduction):

  • Software development;

  • Data Migration.

Customer Loyalty Management:

  • Services and Proposals according to Membership Level;

  • Subscriber Data verification Services for third-parties. Integration with third-party software.

Roaming Service Management:

  • Pricing, Settlement between Operators;

  • Data limit Management according to EU Requirements.

Local Breakout: implementation of Service enabling compliance with EU requirements. According to Regulation Subscribers in European Union Territory may enjoy cheaper Data Services.



Addendum developed a fully automated lifecycle management of pre-paid and post-paid services:

  • Subscriber activation in Billing System and Network Elements;

  • Supplementary (network) Service Management;

  • Data Service and Bandwidth Management;

  • Charging Service Data Management in Billing System:

  • Account Balance top up through various Channels (Self-Service, IVR);

  • Debtors blocking Process;

  • Credit Information Management;

  • Contribution collection, settlement to third-parties (Banks etc.);

  • Number portability;

  • Vacant Number Database: Automatic activation and vacant Number (MSISDN) assignment for prepaid and postpaid;

  • Cleaning the Number from Network Elements: subscriber Disconnection at the End of Lifecycle.

The use of TM Forum’s Shared Information Data model (SID) as a basis ensures for TELIA the possibility to model products, including all important details such as eligibility and cardinality rules, migration paths, and numerous pricing models and rate plans or additional rule-based validations. It handled the detailed configuration of product specifications and offers, which can be combined, bundled, and reused in numerous ways.

  • 4G service for mobile subscribers.

  • Joint VPN Service for mobile Subscribers using Networks of several mobile Operators in different Countries.

  • Integration with Spotify. Mobile Subscribers can order and pay for Spotify Services via mobile Operator.

  • Electronic Signature Service for mobile Subscribers.

  • Integration with third-party Providers of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Services.

  • Blackberry. Integration with BlackBerry Service. 

Addendum demonstrated a deep knowledge of the Telco industry and enabled Telia to integrate voice, value added services (IN), mobile data:

  • Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) CNDB (Authentication Center (AuC), HLR, HSS, SRRi/MNP). Integration with NSN CNDB System.

  • Home Subscriber Server (HSS). LTE (4G) Subscriber and Service Integration with Nokia HSS Network Element. 

  • Intelligent Network (IN). Subscriber provisioning and integration with Nokia IN Network Element. 

  • OCS (Online Charging System) subscriber provisioning and integration with Openet.

  • InterVoice Prepaid Subscriber System. Prepaid Subscriber provisioning and Lifecycle Management from Subscriber activation until Number deactivation.

  • MMSC. Subscriber provisioning and integration with to Acision MMSC System.

  • Message Router (MR). Integration with SMS sending Network Element.

  • NTMS. Subscriber provisioning and integration with MobileThink Mobile Device Management System.


The long-term partnership between Telia and Addendum had a positive impact on revenue, market share, technology advantages, regulatory compliance, and development cost. Addendum has been acting as a fully agile team with dedicated DevOps to ensure continuous development and integrations using state-of-the-art technologies:

This partnership boosted Telia’s flexibility, delivered transformations, and enabled the company to create new generation services in a fast, convenient and modern way. 

Technology advantage and pioneering services (Telia Lithuania is the first to launch VoLTE in Lithuania, Integration with Spotify) helped the company achieve stable growth of market share with added value and new generation services and stay highly competitive.

Enhanced digital customer experience. The online and digital customer experience is enhanced when delivering personalized service that encompasses several key factors. 

Addendum took detective, corrective, preventive processes to ensure revenue assurance.

Compliance with the main local and EU laws and actions related to electronic communications:  

  • A sound regulatory framework for electronic communications, promoting competition and consumer rights.

  • The European Electronic Communications Code (which will need to be transposed into national law by 21 December 2020).

  • The BEREC regulation (entered into force 20 December 2018).

  • Promoting investment in broadband networks to turn Europe into a Gigabit Society.

  • Supporting wireless technologies, such as 5G and LTE, through the radio spectrum policy program.

  • The price cap for Intra-EU communications (Roaming fixed fees in EU).

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