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ABOUT CUSTOMER: Telia Company is a Swedish-Finnish multinational telephone company and mobile network operator present in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Sweden, Turkey. Telia Company is the fifth largest telecom operator in Europe today and continues building on its pioneering spirit and high technology expertise within both fixed and mobile communications inherited from its predecessors.


INTELLIGENT NETWORK: The Intelligent Network (IN) is a telephone network architecture that separates service logic from switching equipment, allowing new services to be added without having to redesign switches to support new services. This provides the network operator with the means to develop and control services more efficiently. New capabilities can be rapidly introduced into the network. Once introduced, services are easily customized to meet individual customer’s needs. 



With this project, the main business objectives of Telia Company were to stay relevant and ensure better customer experience for consumers and enterprise users and lower costs of systems support (lower OPEX) by:

  • Implemented migration and consolidation telephony mobile VAS services into common new generation Lithuania SDE/IN platform;

  • Decommissioning of legacy systems.


Steering committee for this project assembled more than 50 employees (internals and outsourced) form Delivery streams comprised of:

  • Telco network team, 

  • Infrastructure team,

  • IT team (OSS team, BSS team). 

IT teams were responsible for IT Solution design and E2E implementation, from services ordering, activation to service mediation, and billing by covering the whole OSS/BSS domain. 




ADDENDUM provided expertise in the following areas:

  • The full technical responsibility of OSS/BSS integration of mobile VAS services (Mobile VPN, Recording, SIM Ringing) into Lithuania Telia IT landscape.

  • Contribution to VAS telephony products development, including business requirements, aligning products features and capabilities, support of products launch.


  • Implementation of OSS/BSS integration points towards IN platform: provisioning, activation, mediation.

  • Preparation of migration solution, that comprises data migration strategy (data extraction, data mapping, data cleaning), that ensures overnight cut-off and dual provision.


For Voice VAS services designed solution comprises of:

  • Service Order Management flows;

  • Service Activation in IN network elements;

  • Service Mediation and Billing;

  • Service Assurance;

  • Subscribers’ migration to the new platform.


  • Business process analysis and defining business needs and documenting functional and non-functional requirements and alignment with business and IT stakeholders;

  • IT System architecture design and integration solution preparation;

  • Implementation of Service Ordering flows for Voice VAS services;

  • Implementation of Service Activation flows for Voice VAS services;

  • Implementation of Service Assurance processes for Voice VAS services;

  • Implementation of Data migration tool;

  • E2E testing (test plan preparation, tests execution, and coordination, tests results documentation, defects tracking);

  • Software deployment coordination;

  • VAS Services Go-Live (migration, decommissioning of legacy solution) and commercial launch.



The key challenges faced by the Project team were: 

  • a short timeline;

  • a shortage of resources;

  • introduced a new platform.

Addendum proactively participated in defining issues and impact as well as mitigations:

  • A “one team” approach in which all project teams were sharing the knowledge, defining the best practices, scope, and expertise needed to make sure no roadblocks are appearing and getting in the way of completing our goals on time.

  • The Project Teams held regular STATUS MEETINGS to ensure the fast and competitive reactions to newly raised problems and unknown fields of new technology. 

  • The Project team, PO, and key stakeholders took part in RETROSPECTIVES carried out to analyze and reprioritized (if necessary) the scope of the project, to find good and bad practices, and share important information, lessons learned across the whole team.


Telephony mobile VAS services migration to the common Telia Lithuania IN platform was implemented on time and within the established budget. The switchover from the legacy platform was done without any interruption to the Client production process or any impact on subscribers’ services. 

The project of intelligent network platforms consolidation for mobile and fixed subscribers brouhgt main outcomes such as:

Lower system’s support costs by 45% ;

Improve existing services and develop new sources of revenue by accomplishing the following:

  • The new services will be introduced rapidly; 

  • The Telia Lithuania will be able to provide service customization to meet individual customer’s needs;

  • We helped to establish vendor independence: a major criterion for service providers is that the software must be developed quickly and inexpensively. To accomplish this, suppliers must integrate commercially available software to create the applications required by service providers.

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